New Construction

New Construction in Richmond VA

We offer complete termite control services using conventional liquid soil treatment, borates or bait systems.  All treatments are done in accordance with federal, state, local laws and guidelines and The Product Label.

We are currently working with approximately 90 home builders and are able to handle any pre-treatment from a utility shed to major construction such as hospitals, schools, hotels and warehouses.

Residential pre-treatments are warranted to the home builder for a period of two years from date of treatment.  This warranty is for $25,000.00 against any future termite damage and is transferable to the new owner by payment of the annual renewal fee after the initial 2 year period.

Home Builders and General Contractors

Pre Construction Soil Treatments are normally done with 24 hours notice and final backfill treatment upon notification.  Any job not called in or scheduled prior to framing is subject to additional charges.

The majority of our soil treatments are traditional liquid.

Our soil treatment procedures are as follows:

  • The foundation must be prepared with no polyethylene in garage or basement areas.
  • We apply the termiticide to the inside and outside foundation in accordance with the product label making proper adjustments for drain tile.
  • If backfill on outside of foundation is acceptable (close to final grade) then it is treated and job is complete.
  • If not acceptable then it is treated at final grade.

Are you getting the treatment that you’re paying for?


To determine the amount of material needed to apply a vertical treatment around the foundation wall, we must first determine the number of linear feet to be treated:

Exterior walls = 40 ft., 40 ft., 50 ft., 50 ft. = 180 ft.

Interior walls =  49 ft., 49 ft., 39 ft., 39 ft. = 176 ft.

Total = 356 ft.

We now need to determine the depth of the footer in order to calculate the correct volume. If the footer is located 3 ft. below grade and the correct application volume is 4 gallons of solution per 10 linear feet.  Then: 3 feet deep x 4 gallons = 12 gallons per 10 linear feet.  Note that 12 gallons divided by 10 feet = 1.2 gallons per foot.

We now know the linear feet to be treated and the gallons per foot to apply.  The total volume needed would be: 1.2 gallons per ft. x 356 linear ft. = 427.2 gallons of finished product.

As you can see there is a significant cost of termiticide alone.


We have significant experience working in this field of soil treatment.  We are well versed in the procedures involved throughout the process.

We have worked and are currently working with contractors on projects such as:

  • Bovis Lend Lease
  • Breeden Construction
  • Fort Lee Expansion Project
  • Hunt Building Corp.
  • Purcell Construction
  • Southside Regional Medical Center

We will accept any jobs within a 75 mile radius of our office in Colonial Heights.

For any further information, contact our office at (804) 520-6199 and one of the owners will return your call promptly.