The History of All Seasons Termite & Pest Control

Greater Richmond’s Experts in Pest Control

In May of 1995, Mike Farmer’s vision was to start his own pest control company. After working in the industry for about five years, he took a one week vacation, made fresh contacts, and grew his network. It only took two weeks before commitments were made, and with strong support from his wife, Joanne, Mike was in business as Farmer’s Pest Control.

In the beginning, he had enough accounts to pay his bills. Soon after, he found himself a successful business owner. Through the years, Mike endured both good and bad times, making changes in concepts and strategies. He then found himself in need of a business partner. In the fall of 2003, a partnership was established, and All Seasons Termite and Pest Control was born. Mike had teamed up with an unexpected friend, Dave Kniffin, who was looking for a career change. The two were a perfect match. With Dave’s sales experience and Mike’s technical experience, the business was destined for success.

With their commitment to God, one another, and to their customers, the company has become one of the most successful and fastest growing local companies in the pest control industry. Both are still dedicated to serving the communities in which they work with integrity and care. Although Dave has moved away and is no longer with our company, his dedication has  established an environment of integrity within our company. This commitment is embedded in the entire staff, of whom they are very proud. All Seasons Pest Control’s philosophy is “To have courage in the face of adversity to travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.”